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Looking for a fun and different item to help raise funds for your organization? As an artisan coffee roasting company specializing in small batch, custom -roasted specialty coffee, our programs are aimed at making it easy for you to offer outstanding coffee and a high profit margin. In addition, we can include a custom made label just for your organization.

We started our fundraising branch when we were approached by a local high school to raise funds for their senior class prom. It was a huge success! From there, we have been expanding our reach to more and more schools, teams, and organizations to help them raise money with high quality coffee typically only found at high-end coffee shops.

We offer two types of fundraisers: 

  • Direct Sales:  You take orders and collect the money, then we will fill your order and you deliver the coffee.
  • Commission Fundraising:  Your organization is assigned a special coupon code. As purchases are made at our website using your coupon code, your organization receives a portion of the sales for the duration of the fundraiser.  We typically settle up once a month depending on sales totals.

Give us a call at 570-764-2740 or email for detailed information. We look forward to helping you.

"The coffee fundraiser we did with Bason Coffee Roasting was a great success due to the novelty and quality of the product, as well as Brad's support throughout the entire process!  He made the actual fundraising easy thanks to his organization and management of the activity! This was definitely one our top fundraisers!"